Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dorrie's Picks, 4/9/09
FBI to Negotiate with Pirates to Free US Captain: Official
The US Navy has called in the FBI to help negotiate the release of a U.S. ship captain abducted and held hostage by Somali pirates . . .

"FBI negotiators stationed at Quantico (Virginia) have been called by the Navy to assist with negotiations with the Somali pirates and are fully engaged in this matter," Federal Bureau of Investigations spokesman Richard Kolko said in a statement. Pirates are holding hostage the captain of the Maersk Alabama after the ship carrying U.S. food aid to African refugees was hijacked and briefly taken over until the crew regained control.

So what happened to: “We don’t negotiate with terrorists”? Oh, I get it, they’re pirates. The fact that they are Muslim terrorist pirates doesn’t get mentioned, which gives President Hussein the out to call in the FBI. Why the FBI? Because they're wise to the ways of Muslim thinking after all their experience with CAIR, maybe?
U.S. Outreach to Islamic World Will Pay Dividends, Gates Says
"I gave a speech last year in which I made the comment that how can it be that the nation that discovered public relations is being out-communicated by a guy in a cave?" he said. "The reality is I think we probably have not done as well as we should have in terms of reaching out to Muslims and making clear that what we're concerned about our [our? We have violent extremists? Okay, yeah, it was probably a typo] violent extremists."

The reality of it is that OBL is talking about something he knows about, and Gates is not. OBL knows this “man-made disaster contingency operation” is ALL about Islam and forcing it on the rest of the world. As does the Muslim Brotherhood, and all the little CAIRs in the U.S.,0,2388127.story
Biden Warns Israel Off Any Attack on Iran
Vice President Joe Biden issued a high-level admonishment to Israel's new government Tuesday that it would be "ill advised" to launch a military strike against Iran.

Many top officials in the Obama administration have said they believe the costs of a U.S. attack on Iran would outweigh any benefits, . . .

The benefit being putting a huge dent in the Islamic Supremacist Movement? Just what is the downside to that? Perhaps it’s time to revisit the Drill Here, Drill Now plan? Then what would it matter if Israel took out the thugs threatening it?
An Islamic-relations Group Says High Schools, Colleges, and Universities Need To Do More to Protect the Rights of Somali Students. [Translated: Don’t let the FBI talk to any Somali Muslim student.]
The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR-MN, says it's received an increasing number of reports from students who say they have been interrogated by the FBI on Minnesota campuses.

The group says the interviews focus on allegations that Somali men have left Minnesota to go to Somalia and fight in that nation's civil war.

It wouldn’t do, of course, to have an innocent remark like: “Oh, yeah, I remember when Sami told me he was going off to Somalia . . .” reach ears that could actually DO something about stopping the recruiting.
Will Islam Return Obama's "Respect"?
Coptic Christians in Egypt have been singled out for discrimination and persecution. Muslim rioters often burn or vandalize their churches and shops. . . .the experience of Arab Christians living now amid majority Islamic populations is often repression, arrest, imprisonment, and death.

. . . In short, the "respect" Mr. Obama promised to give Islam is going only in one direction. And he knows that.

Candidate Obama last fall sent a letter to Condoleezza Rice expressing "my concern about the safety and well-being of Iraq's Christian and other non-Muslim religious minorities." He asked what steps the U.S. was taking to protect "these communities of religious freedom." Candidate Obama said he wanted these groups represented in Iraq's governing institutions. Does President Obama believe these things?

If he does, he’s doing a darn good job of hiding it.
RAW DATA: PBS Defends Partnership With Al Jazeera
Al Jazeera English is one of many partners Worldfocus uses to help provide American viewers with a unique perspective on international news.

Boy, there’s just hardly anybody anywhere in public who remembers that we are at war with Islamic jihadists! --- Oh. Sorry. What is it we are at war with, again? Man-made disasters?

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