Friday, March 20, 2009

Dorrie's Picks, 3/20/09
CAIR Seeks Religious Rights for Ohio Muslim Cabbies [Ah, we’ve moved on down, I see, from Minnesota to Ohio.]

Muslim civil rights group asks for meeting with mayor to discuss “reasonable” religious accommodation.

The drivers claim that if they must exit the taxi queue in order to pray, they will suffer significant loss of access to fares, forcing them to choose between their faith and their livelihood. . . .

Well, like it or not, Muslims should have to play by the rules, too, just like everybody else (is supposed to). You make the choice, religion or work; the local gov'ts should not be called upon to get involved in your private quandary.

Nothing is ever “reasonable” about these demands, no matter how nicely demanded. Keep the ban. Do not buckle under, Mayor Jackson. This is just like blackmail: The more you pay, the more they’ll ask for . . . Oh, maybe that’s like terrorism, come to think of it.
Guns on a plane: Obama Secretly Ends Program That Lets Pilots Carry Guns
Now President Obama is quietly ending the federal firearms program, risking public safety on airlines in the name of an anti-gun ideology. . .

The Obama administration this past week diverted some $2 million from the pilot training program to hire more supervisory staff, who will engage in field inspections of pilots. . . .
Virginia: Bullying Mob Packs Govt Meeting in Support of Islamic Supremacist Institution
Imagine facing the overwhelming odds of fighting for equality in Islamic supremacist Saudi Arabia, or in the 1960s-era white supremacist Mississippi. These were the same odds faced by a handful of activists in challenging the estimated 600 supporters of the Islamic Saudi Academy at Northern Virginia's Fairfax County Planning Commission on the night of March 18, 2009. Many hundreds of the Islamic Saudi Academy (ISA) supporters wore printed name tag badges reading "I Support ISA," including ISA's logo containing the emblem of Saudi Arabian government with its two crossed swords. . . .
Iraqi Men Captured in Valley
Three Iraqi men captured by Border Patrol agents say they made arrangements with a man in Iraq, and paid $20,000.00 to get into the United States.

They were captured on March 12th during normal patrols near Los Ebanos.

The three men, and the alleged smuggler who was driving the truck, have been arrested.

The smuggler is expected to be in court Thursday morning.
The 2006 Swift Raids: Assessing the Impact of Immigration Enforcement Actions at Six Facilities
On December 12, 2006, about 1,300 illegal immigrants working at six meat processing plants owned by Swift & Co. were arrested in the largest immigration enforcement action in U.S. history. Other illegal workers, fearful of future raids, stopped reporting to work. . . .

Swift also has recruited a large number of refugees who are legal immigrants. . . .

This would be the Somali immigrants who last year instigated various strikes and disruption because they had to have special “accommodations” for their dining concerns during Ramadan.
Where have the jihadis gone? Return to Islamberg
(2). The compound is no longer centralized. Many of the wannabe jihadis have moved to nearby locations, including a trailer park less than a mile away.

(3). The community is engaged in a public relations campaign designed to present Islamberg and other Jamaat ul-Fuqra compounds as peaceful settlements that pose no threat to national security. In keeping with this campaign, Islamberg now proclaims itself to be the “International Headquarters” of the newly created “United Muslim – Christian Forum.” . . .

Homegrown Jihad has apparently been trumped by homegrown exposure.
VIDEO: Muslim tells the absolute truth: No non-Muslim is innocent, and are all therefore targets for jihadists. Which makes the next story even less believable:
When NYPD Wears A Muslim Topi
Police chaplaincy lets Khalid Latif embody both Islam and American culture. . . .

This is a nice story. We all want to believe the young Muslim cleric/policeman. We want him to be one of us. But I don’t. He can’t be both an imam and a pastor, anymore than the female priest (see: can be a priest and an imam. Christianity and Islam are NOT compatible: Christians and Jews revere life; Islam seeks death.

Two Qur’anic verses from Muhammad:
5:51: Believers, take not Jews and Christians for your friends.
9:23: Believers, take not for friends your father and your brother if they love disbelief above belief.
Head accused of 'Islamophobia' wins £400,000 after being forced out by Muslim governors . . .

British juries aren’t snowed, either. Maybe there’s hope for the Brits, after all.

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