Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dorrie's Weekend Picks, 3/14-15/09
Media Forgets Obama's Nominee to Justice Dept. Was a Terrorist's Lawyer
On March 9, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on one of Barack Obama's latest nominees. This time it was to assess the suitability of Tony West, Obama's nominee for the assistant attorney general in charge of the U.S. Justice Department's Civil Division.

Curiously enough, though, not one of these brief reports mention that Tony West was "American Taliban" terrorist John Walker Lindh's defense lawyer. . . .

Let us hope this guy “steps down” like so many of the other “America-last” choices BHO has made.
Obama Planning to Send Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei a Personal Letter
. . . on Monday, State Department acting spokesman Robert Wood told reporters: "We have offered our hand to the government of Iran, and we hope to be able to engage this government on a whole range of issues. But a lot of it's going to depend on Iran and its willingness to engage and its willingness to change its behavior in a number of areas where we have concern." . . .

Yeah, this time it ought to work, huh? Wilting lilies they are, just waiting for a chance to work with the new junior president from the U.S.
Obama: I'll forge new ties with Muslims
In phone conversations with the leaders of Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and the Philippines on Friday, US President Barack Obama discussed his commitment to forging a new relationship with Islamic countries, among other issues. . . .

That’s as vague as his promise of hope and change back in the day.
CAIR's War on Truth
By attacking Wolf, Awad and his organization hope to avoid the difficult questions about their roots and true agenda. Similarly, the statement labels the IPT report "smears against CAIR by Internet Muslim-bashers like Steven Emerson." . . .,0,4443778.story
Man accused of beheading wife arraigned
The founder of a Muslim-American television station pleaded not guilty Friday to beheading his estranged wife.

Does he think somebody else is going to claim credit for it? I suspect in his heart he really isn’t guilty; he’s a Muslim man. Women are theirs to do with as they will.
Muslim community rallies behind Sudbury man charged by the FBI
a community of supporters has rallied around him, questioning how Mehanna could have been ensnared in a federal case and whether he is being used a pawn in the FBI's war on terrorism.

"They're kind of painting [which means they aren't really?] the wrong picture of the Muslim community," said S. Ahmad Zamanian of Houston, a friend of Mehanna's. "Anyone who has met Tariq . . . would all tell you that this man is far removed from anyone's definition of a terrorist." . . .

Well, of course. He’s just the choir boy from next door. And the FBI always spends time and resources on people who aren’t connected in any way to the crime, right?
Whose View Of Islam Do You Trust: PA Professors Or PA Police?
. . . It is interesting to point out that while both the university and the Commission claim to present “an understanding” of Islam, it is the Commission’s training course that discusses the verses in the Quran that call for the killing of non-believers, the abrogation of Jewish and Christian scriptures, and that Islam means “submission to the will of Allah.”

While the training course reiterates that most Muslims observe only the moderate teachings of Islam, the university doesn’t even acknowledge the threat of radical Islam. . . .

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