Friday, March 27, 2009

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Freedom Tower Will Be Called “One World Trade Center”

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey chairman Anthony Coscia says the agency refers to the building as One World Trade Center. He says it's the building's legal name and "the one that's easiest for people [WHAT people?] to identify with."

Oh, gag me. It should be called the “In Your Face” tower. Do these people really think that naming something as blandly as possible will change the reality of the problem? It’s our FREEDOMS they want to destroy, let’s make it plain we know what they're up to.
CAIR’s Well-Deserved Expulsion
Terrorism Is Only One Expression of Jihad — There Are Others as Dangerous.
A week ago, the FBI officially announced that it has cut ties with the Council on American-Islamic Relations. The self-styled civil-rights organization is characteristically squawking, but the FBI’s move was patently overdue — so much so that we ought to be asking: Why on earth did the FBI have ties with CAIR in the first place?

While we should applaud the government for finally doing the right thing, we also must seize this moment to consider why this action was necessary, and what it says about the threat we are up against. That threat is not, essentially, about terrorism. . . .

Given the life-and-death stakes involved, it is understandable that government is preoccupied by terrorism (or what Obama’s homeland-security secretary, Janet Napolitano, absurdly calls “man-caused disasters”). But jihadist terror is merely the means to a specific end: the installation of sharia, the Islamic legal code, which Muslim fundamentalists regard as the necessary precondition for the achievement of Islam’s universalist ambitions. . . .
"Who Says Terrorism Doesn’t Pay?”
. . . we [the Simon Wiesenthal Center] are launching the "Who Says Terrorism Doesn't Pay?" poster and ad to coincide with the self-declared BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) Day.

The virulently anti-Israel BDS Day will take place on campuses around the world, this Monday, March 30th.

In their own words, the BDS campaign: "...urge[s] the people and their organizations around the globe to mobilize in concrete and visible BDS actions to make this day a historic step in this new anti-apartheid movement. The time for the world to fully adopt and implement the Palestinian call for boycotts, divestment and sanctions is NOW" ... by "adopting widespread action against Israeli products, companies, academic and cultural institutions, sports groups, international corporations supporting Israeli policies of racism, ethnic cleansing and military occupation and pressuring governments for sanctions." . . .
Mosque Disputes Sale of Alcohol at Nearby Knoxville Restaurant
Plans are underway to open a new restaurant in a Fort Sanders neighborhood building that has sat empty for years. Its owner wants to serve alcohol, and that's a problem for members of the Muslim Community of Knoxville nearby.

"We're trying to promote some conservative behavior to some degree, and being right next to a nightclub seems like a bad location for us," [imam] Siddiqi says.

"They're entitled to their opinion, and I am in compliance with the codes and laws of the state of Tennessee and Knox County so I don't know what else to do," Hill says. . . .
Mahdi Bray: Voting With Conviction
. . . As a convicted felon, [Mahdi] Bray [leader of the Muslims of America Society Freedom Foundation] can't register to vote in his home state of Virginia. As the Investigative Project on Terrorism reported Thursday, Bray was convicted on separate indictments of grand larceny and drug possession in 1981. In 1989, he began a three-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to mail fraud. For more than 10 years, Bray kept workers' compensation checks sent to his late grandfather, who died in 1975. He was released in 1991.

Beyond his criminal history and the voter registration issues, Bray has a history of defending accused terrorist supporters, and of offering misleading statements about his organization's history and his own actions.

Character counts. Mahdi Bray doesn’t have any. None of the other Muslim leaders are any better, in my opinion. ‘Course, they don’t have any need for it to be leaders in the Party of Jihad, come to think of it.
Clinton: US Will Continue to Reach Out to Iran Despite Difficulties
[You mean like the one when Iran told us to get lost?]
Clinton told reporters in Monterrey, Mexico, that the United States will continue to reach out to Iran, even though earlier efforts were unsuccessful.

When does she say “enough”? When does our new administration recognize that it takes two to play the “Let’s get along” game?

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