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Dorrie's Picks, 3/21-22/09
Obama’s Message to Iran Is Opening Bid in Diplomatic Drive
In Iran, officials were tepid in their initial response, saying that Mr. Obama’s message must be followed up with concrete actions to address past grievances, like the downing of an Iranian airliner in 1988. Ali Akbar Javanfekr, a high-ranking adviser to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, praised the effort to reach out to Iranians but said that Iran wanted more than words. “This cannot only be done by us, we cannot simply forget what the U.S. did to our nation,” he said. “They need to perceive what wrong orientation they had and make serious efforts to make up for it.”

Yup, not a word about what they’re supposed to do. It’s all loudly and nastily about the other guy caving in to what they want, have you noticed? Certainly no words about letting by-gones be by-gones, either, huh?
Iran Responds to Barack Obama's Video Appeal with Nuclear Pledge
US President Barack Obama's appeal for a "new beginning" with Iran has been met by a pledge to turn on the country's nuclear power plant this year.

. . . "Exactly 20 days from now we will have another celebration for celebrating the achievements we have gained for peaceful nuclear energy. You will hear about [it in] the news," he said. . . .

"Iran will finish and operate the Bushehr nuclear plant by the end of this year." . . .

He added that while Mr Obama's message to his country on the occasion of the Iranian New Year was "positive," it had to be followed by "positive action." . . .
Iran's Supreme Leader Dismisses Obama Overtures

Which leaves the junior president from the United States looking weak and foolish. That outcome should have been expected, and the “overture” gone unmade.
It has been well over a year since the Said girls were brutally murdered in a sharia killing (aka ''honor” killing) by their Muslim father in Texas, after a life of abuse and terror in the name of Islam. . . .

The heinous crime was whitewashed by the dhimmi media who live in fear of the religion of peace. . . .

No arrests have been made. The murdering father is still at large and the radical ticking time bomb brother, Islam Said, is threatening non-Muslim father members (in this case Gail Gartrell) with a violent death. . . .
Alleged "Enemy combatant" [I surely do find that qualification ridiculous] Returns to Illinois for Terror Trial
. . . a federal grand jury in Illinois [has] indicted [Ali] al-Marri on charges of conspiracy and providing material support to [the 9/11] terror. . . .

Ali Al-Marri's arrest in December 2001 shocked this Midwest city on the Illinois River . . .

"I remember how surprised I was that he lived in the community," said Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis, a lifelong resident. "Someone potentially involved in the [9/11] terrorist plot was here?"

This is a distressingly familiar question in the U.S.A. We Americans have a truly difficult time accepting the idea that there is a fully developed network of Muslim men and women in the United States dedicated to the downfall of the United States.,-Virginia.html
Creeping Sharia in Fairfax County, VA
. . . Based on this obvious bias in interaction with the public, it's abundantly clear to me that the Commission has already predetermined that this project will be approved. Which is sad, considering that the government of Fairfax County is theoretically supposed to represent the citizens of Fairfax County. . . .

This, too, is distressingly familiar behavior in the U.S.A. Our elected officials (who are often equally clueless) appointing jihad-clueless people to vitally important commissions like this one, the Fairfax County Planning Board, which have it in their power to control all Islamic expansion . . . and might even try if they weren't so afraid of knowing what the Party of Jihad is all about..
VIDEO: Nashville, TN: Al Qaeda Flag Found in Somali Mosque
Why would an Al Qaeda flag be in the Al Farooq (Somalia) mosque in Nashville,TN? Of course this is covered under "religious freedom" and is not being used as an educational tool (along with lectures of convicted terrorists inside the mosque) for the young worshippers of the mosque.

[And of course] In no way would the flag be a symbol of their support to any terrorist organization, nor as a recruiting tool to 'brainwash' the minds of innocent young children. Now if the children do not adhere they are simply beaten by the Islamic leaders, and this also (according to Nashville authorities) is also legal in TN.

And people ask themselves why America is slowly being taken away from us. We are wrong. It is not being taken away, it is being handed over to Islamic terrorist groups and their supporters on a golden plate. Respectfully, Dave G.
Ad for Islam on Broward Bus May Lead to Ban
In the wake of controversial bus ads saying Jesus followed the principles of Islam, Broward County commissioners are considering a ban on advertising religious messages on public transportation and all other government property. . . .

Broward has had no advertising standards that apply across the board at the port, airport, parks, libraries, government buildings and mass transit. County commissioners will consider the proposal Tuesday, but both sides in the January dispute believe it goes too far.

"This is a knee-jerk reaction from our elected officials to small voices of extremism," said Altaf Ali of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which bought the ads. [Well, of course he said that; what else would you expect from a CAIR rep?]

Joe Kaufman, who organized protests against the ads for Americans Against Hate, said: "We were not concerned about whether Muslims or Jews or Christians put religious messages in advertising. We were concerned that the ad was offensive and demeaning to other religions." . . .
Jordanian Charged in Threat to Jewish School
According to a criminal complaint made public by the FBI, [Mohammed Alkaramla’s] typewritten letter read "Will Give You until 01.15.2009 to back OFF from Gaza in Palestine or will set our explosive in your areas, it very important to make a quick action before we make our decisions to set bombs in the fowling [sic] addresses:"

The letter went on to list addresses for 22 Chicago-area Jewish schools . . . . No explosives were found near Ida Crown or any other Jewish school.

Imagine, a Muslim threatening Jewish schools. Whodathot?,2933,509839,00.html
"Several" Missing Somali-Americans Back in U.S. After Overseas Terror Mission
. . ."Some of the guys who were missing aren't missing anymore," the source said. "Some of them got blown up and some of them came back, and some of them are still there [in Somalia]."

For several months the FBI has been investigating at least 20 Somali-American men from the Minneapolis area who traveled to war-torn Somalia, where some of them trained and fought with an Al Qaeda-linked terrorist group known as al-Shabaab, according to counterterrorism officials.

Asked to characterize how many of those men are now back on American soil, the source would only say that "several" have returned. Federal authorities believe the men went to Somalia to join al-Shabaab, which has been warring with the moderate Somali government since 2006.

Oh, joy. Now we have Somali trained professional jihadists in the country. Better they had stayed missing.
How Hamas Became “Kosher”
Today Hamas stands on the cusp of international acceptance. It may take a week or a month or a year, but today Hamas stands where Fatah and the PLO stood in the late 1980s. The genocidal jihadist terror group is but a step away from an invitation to the Oval Office. Two events in the past week show this to be the case.

First, last Saturday, the Boston Globe reported that Paul Volker, who serves as US President Barack Obama's economic recovery advisor, and several former senior US officials, [wrote] a letter to Obama calling for the US to recognize Hamas. As one of the signatories, Brent Scowcroft, former national security advisor under president George H.W. Bush explained, "I see no reason not to talk to Hamas."

And I still stand by my thoughts from last week: The reason not to talk to Hamas is because they are not a country [there is no Palestinian nation] without diplomatic relations with ANY country, and they are a terrorist organization set to destroy Israel. Hamas should be ignored, stopped, pushed off . . . But I dream on. Our nation is now led by B. Hussein Obama.

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